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A lifetime for the Sardinian language

For Faustino Onnis, Sardinian poetry cannot be expressed in any language other than Sardinian. It must be expressed in Sardinian because within this language lies the whole of the ethnic group, the synthesis of life and background of Sardinian people. He was always ready to support linguistic studies and the spreading of Sardinian language by promoting, organizing, and setting off a series on initiatives which contributed greatly towards bringing back lost traditions, creating and expanding competitions and meetings, and capturing the interest of those people who are fascinated by the Sardinian language. In 1981 he helped organize the international convention “Ethical considerations in poetry in relation to the socio-political situation in the Mediterranean”, in Selargius, in which he participated with the essay “Poetry as stimulation for the moralization of social interaction” (Poesia come sollecitazione alla moralizzazione della vita sociale). Among the people partaking in the convention there were Leonardo Sole, Marcello Serra, Gigi Dessì, Gaetano Salveti, Febo Delfi, Andrè Robert, Jean Raymond, and Masoliver Juan Ramon.  In the 1980s, he was an advisor to the organizational committee for the traditional wedding in Selargius; he translated the liturgies and homilies in Sardinian. In 1995, he promoted and was a co-founder of the Free University of the Campidano region, where he served as vice-president and was professor of Sardinian language, written as well as spoken. From 1982 to 1992, he was editor of “S’ISCHIGLIA”, historic magazine of art, literature, and poetry in Sardinia, along with his old friends Aquilino Cannas, Lorenzo Ilieschi, and Gavino Maieli. In 1998, they work together at the creation of NUR, a magazine of Sardinian Culture and Identity. He was the magazines editor during the first years of publication. During this time, he also worked with the Nur Selargius & Sardigna Association for the creation of the magazine Paraulas, which deals with Sardinian Economy, History, Language, and Culture, and founded the poetry literary prize “Premio Campidano”. Of special interest are his long-term commitment, as jury member and or president of the jury, with the literary competition in Sardinian promoted by the Autonomous Union of Sardinian Partisans; his collaboration with the “Attoppus” Cultural Association and the various Sardinian Emigrant Clubs.