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Goals of the Foundation

Article 3 of the statute of the Foundation illustrates the aims and goals of the said foundation:
  • To keep and hand down to posterity the historic memory of the Poet Faustino Onnis with the intent of bringing knowledge of this public figure to a wider audience;
  • To study the works of Sardinian writers and poets, as well as the various forms of artistic expression (song, literature, cinema and theatre) present on our island, with particular care for research in the Campidano region;
  • To analyze ancient and contemporary Sardinian culture;
  • To promote the spreading of Sardinian poetry and literature, and of the various forms Sardinian language in general, to mainland Italy and abroad;
The Foundation supports any initiative and activity connected, even indirectly, with the aforementioned goals. More specifically, the Foundation intends on:
  • Creating the Faustino Onnis Library, which will house and make available to the public the poet’s works, writings and his personal collection of books, and a memorial museum;
  • To use part of the library as a memorial museum where, through exhibits of various personal objects, it will be possible to follow the milestones of his life;
  • To establish a literary award in his honour and an international poetry review, and to support bursaries for thesis studies and/or research;