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Among his published works and translations we find: Essays:

  • “Cantadoris Sardus” S’Ischiglia, 1982;
  • “Una bandera ancora strantaxa” S’Ischiglia, January 1984;
  • “Sonus e Cantus de Sardigna” Attopus, 1996;


  • “Perdas” 1993, collection of poems with introduction by Francesco Masala;
  • “Glossariu Sardu Campidanesu”, 1996, lexicographic study and documentation, with introduction by Prof. Giulio Paulis, in which the author expands Vincenzo Porru’s universal dictionary by 3,260 terms;


  • Alessandro Manzoni’s “The Betrothed”, 1988;
  • Forty Quatrains of the Rubayat by Omar Khayyam, “Sardegna Oltre” 1993;
  • Translation from Nuorese Sardinian to Campidanese Sardinian of the textbook “Deu e su mundu” – Sardinian language in elementary school

His works have been published in more than twenty poetry anthologies, two of which are part of secondary school curriculum (junior high and high school for USA and Canada), in the esteemed company of Antioco Casula from Desulo, known as Montanaru (Highlander).

From 1999 to 2001 he taught spoken and written Sardinian in Cagliari, at the “Vivi Castello” Association, and in Selargius at the Free University of the Campidano Region.

He was also nominated by the Sardinian Bishopric to be part of a commission of experts for the translation of the Old and New Testaments into Sardinian.